Sustainable development

Rubbish and nature


  • We follow principles of trash-free hiking.
  • We minimize waste and recycle.
  • We inform our clients about green alternatives.
  • We mainly use pre-existing trails and service equipment.

Co-operation and culture


  • We have a partnership agreement with Parks&Wildlife Finland, a branch of Metsähallitus (the Finnish forest administration)
  • We have partnerships with local businesses.
  • We promote local archipelago tourism.
  • We respect the local culture and promote the preservation of cultural heritage.

Social responsibility


  • We treat everyone equal.
  • We ensure that our services are user-safe.
  • We promote the well-being that our destinations offer.
  • We convey an attitude that is respectful of nature. 

Charitys and future development


  • We donate 1 % of the price of every archipelago-bound booking annually to the protection of the Baltic Sea.
  • We have committed our Company to Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland Program
  • We have started our company’s Biosphere Certification process

HIKE ‘N JOY is a partner of Metsähallitus’ Parks & Wildlife Finland.