Well-being from nature and relaxation.


Who is this for?

  • Companies
  • Work communities
  • Tourists
  • Hikers

What is this?

  • Training sessions, courses, lectures
  • Nature Wellness Hikes
  • Hiking courses
  • Day hikes and treks
  • Well-being-at-work day program
  • Rejuvenating day program

How is it done?

  • In nature and indoors
  • By instruction and participation
  • With a relaxed attitude and a touch of playfulness
  • Based in fact, but allowance for feeling

Where is it?

  • The company is in Rauma.
  • We like to go on adventures in nature.
  • Our services go where you need them.
  • Most of our services are provided outdoors in nature.
  • We will help to find the perfect hiking route for your group.
  • We will also help you to find a good locale.

Why hiking, nature and well-being?

  • Nature has a significant influence on our well-being.
  • Nature Wellness promotes wellness at work.
  • Mindfulness in Nature provides you with both the benefits of exercise and the tools to recuperate from everyday life.
  • Nature can be used in many ways to benefit our working life.
  • And hiking is just plain fun!

Why relaxation and self-management?

  • By practising self-management, a person can enjoy his or her life.
  • By finding healthy boundaries, you will be able to work longer.
  • By recognizing your own values, you can live the life you want to live.
  • We become more effective and more creative when we live at a lower life pace. .
  • Forging your own path is inspiring!

Our company adheres to the principles of sustainable development